Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Moving to WordPress

So if you're here, you actually need to visit us over at WordPress.  That is where this blog will continue to post from.  No worries if you're subscribed and get our entries via email.  You'll continue to get those and you don't need to do anything!

Many thanks!
Monday, May 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Featuring Jewel!

I'm excited to announce that Jewel is being featured not once, but TWICE in the next month or so.  Be sure to look for articles and fun pictures telling a few tales about our adventures together.

- Midwest Thoroughbred Magazine
- Off Track Thoroughbreds

Ahhh...if only the Princess knew she was being recognized! She would definitely approve!

PostHeaderIcon Wilson's Video Debut

Here he is in all his glory...Mr. Wilson!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Pasture Ponies

I'm a big believer in turning horses out.  I think 90% of the issues that horses and humans have could be resolved if the horse was just permitted to be more of a horse and less of whatever its human thinks it should be.  I board my horses, which makes it somewhat of a challenge to find someone who feels the same way I do about horse care.  I think that having a stall is nice and should be available during inclement weather, but really...I want my horses outside.

I never realized how important LOTS of turnout time was until I got a Thoroughbred.  What seemed to be the normal turnout of 4-6 hours per day just wasn't cutting it for my horse. At the 4-6 hour turn-out level, there were attitude issues, lots of extra energy and of course, the requisite lunging session before I could even consider riding.  And so, I went on a barn hunt a few years ago to find turnout.  I live on the outskirts of Indianapolis.  There is a very large hunter/jumper population, a moderate dressage-riding population and a whole lot of "anything goes."  To me, this translates into

Option 1: uber-pricey ($600+/mo) boarding barns with 1-2 hours of private paddock turnout

Option 2:  pricy ($350-$500) 4-6 hours of small group turnout on an acre or two

Option 3:  Reasonably priced (under $300), but crap shoot when it comes to care